How home-schooling will SAVE your family from ruin - One veteran’s crusade to teach others the importance of home-schooling

Family Pic from 2016

"The single most effective way for you to protect your kids from the system is to remove them from it." Jack Sen, Liberty Defenders co-founder and former UKIP prospective Member of Parliament. 

Our home-schooling family, based in a rural farming community in Upstate New York State and led by former US army veteran, Russell, and his brilliant wife, Sheilah, will give you an insight into how an independent-minded family, with traditional family values and a love for life, liberty and freedom that knows NO bounds, homeschool their eight children without one iota of help from the State.

This series will show you how Russell, Sheilah and their traditionalist family severed their relationship with the State and seized full control of their lives, securing their children's future in the process.

If we are to defend our families from the evil that's out there in the world, then we are going to have to train them to take care of their own minds, souls and bodies.

Who says you need a gymnastics teacher, when you have a veteran for a father!

Musings of a US army veteran and Liberty Defender who chose to take his kids out of American public school

Why We Home School Our Kids (and train them to be warriors)

The guy who's writing this part of this article...

Quick, relevant, true story first....It was the mid-1990s. I had been out of the army a few years. I walked into a restaurant with a lit cigarette in my mouth (I no longer smoke as it's dreadful for you), notebooks under my arm, and a backpack with some books in it on my back.

"Smoking or non-smoking?" came the voice of the hostess. Back then it was still legal to smoke cigarettes in a restaurant in New York state (in the United States). Since guests who don't smoke don't like to be around the smoke, the sections are separate.

I looked at her and took a deep drag off my cigarette, quizzical look on my face, like, "Are you kidding? Are you blind? Can you think?"

"Will that be smoking or non-smoking?" she persisted.

I assumed she couldn't read my mind. That's a good thing for her because my thoughts were not flattering.

So I said it out loud, "Are you kidding?" I held up my cigarette, took a drag, then slowly exhaled in her direction. I was rather proud of the sheer size of that cloud of smoke. Remarkable.

She apparently got pretty mad, made a strange sound and glared at her boyfriend (who was there), and he gave me a teeth-clenched, eye-brows-furrowed dirty look. I held up my cigarette to him and, as non-confrontationally as I could, said, "How about you. Can YOU think?"

"Just put him in smoking." He turned back around drank some water.

If looks could kill, she'd have turned me to chocolate pudding. At least she took me over to the smoking section. She forgot the menu, but she took me over and showed me to my seat.

Sure, it would have been easier to just say, "Smoking." But, come on? She had lost the ability to observe in her environment.

YET THAT is the kind of not untypical kids that our public schools were churning out over 20 years ago. Those who couldn't think, couldn't look, and could barely act were good enough to get through that system.

Education has not improved since then.

These kids who go through all 13 years of school, graduate, then get out into the world to work. They can't think. They can't solve problems. They can't look at what's in front of them. There's assumptions built in to everything they've ever learned, and they're stuck inside that little bitty box.

That box is covered with the most solid, the heaviest, strongest... shadow... ever in the history of shadows. Ask them if the shadow is real and they'll guffaw at you like you're the one who's stupid. Of course, it's real!

Yeah, there was no way in hell my kids were going to go through that level of incompetence in education. The public schools' product was fecal at best then, and liquid matter today.

The number of functionally illiterate college graduates is at all-time highs and continuing to break new ground annually. I could tell you the statistics, but they'll hold more impact if you go out and find them yourself.

Frankly, they're not believable. College graduates? Functionally illiterate? Still? How is that even possible? It's not because of the high standards of so-called higher education.

McGuffy Readers

If that higher education is so incapable of factually educating their students, what kind of standards do you think the lower echelons have? I guarantee you that it's not higher standards in the lower echelons.

Keep in mind that I noticed this in the mid-1990s. Nothing in the public education systems has improved. Nothing. Not one important thing overall is better now.

What IS better?

You can tell the true intentions of anyone by their actual relevant results.

That statement is pretty wide-sweeping. What are the actual relevant results gotten by anyone? As an example, let's take a look at the field of public education systems.

I can't find the document I found online back in 1999 about the stated purposes of psychology and public education systems in the United States. I studied and showed it often enough to remember the main stated purposes:

1. Increase the quality of the education.
2. Decrease crime rates.
3. Decrease drug use rates.
4. Decrease insanity rates.

Those main purposes sound really good, right? [Insert buzzer sound here.]
Now, what have been the actual results? Exactly the opposite. So what are "their" true intentions?

1. Decrease the quality of education.
2. Increase crime rates.
3. Increase drug use rates.
4. Increase insanity rates.

Bully rates keep increasing. Why? Teachers aren't allowed to do anything, nor do most care to. When a teacher intervenes, they can be terminated simply because a student was offended or otherwise hurt. This is school policy practically everywhere in the US.

Drug rates in school have skyrocketed. Check this out from in a 2013 article:


Today that number exceeds 20%. How does that sound to you? Those unlucky boys have the bad combination of (one) having a lot of energy, which is a good thing, plus (two) shitty parents who don't enforce anything they say, or lie about what they're going to do. Combine that with (3) a host of food ingredients and food colors which have proven over and over to contribute to the "symptoms" of any kind of attention deficit or having too much energy and (4) teachers who are sinfully boring and judgmental and BAM! What do you have?

A system factually engineered to decrease the quality of education for myriad reasons, increase bullying and crime rates, increase drug use rates (duh, right?) and thus increasing insanity rates! The educational systems are ENGINEERED to create those results.

To make matters worse, the teachers are "highly educated" in getting these kids the drugs and being self-righteous about forcing the kids on the drugs.

Tack onto that the increasingly anti-survival practice of forced acceptance of completely contrary-to-anything-sane policies like the forced promotion by straight students of the homosexual lifestyle, the denial of Christianity with the forced acceptance and education of Islam, for example.

I'm not going to do the fashionable thing and blame everything on Islam, but it's the double-standard: You can't do this because it's Christian - You MUST do this because it's Islam. Forced religious teaching is NOT freedom, NOT liberty, and it's being tolerated and completely accepted by the "royalty" (HA!) regarding "their people". That's not royal.

What if it were this way: You can't do this because it's Islam - You MUST do this because it's Christian!? The outcry would be deafening - and rightly so - by the small percentage of shitholes who want, who crave chaos (read: Parliament, EU...)

Obviously, I could go on and on, but there's another direction this explanation must go because there's more to why we homeschool our children.

Bo and William doing the Kavadlo Pose
Two of Russell's boys, Bo and William, doing "the Kavadlo Pose"

The Prime Directive of Any Parent

To ensure the current and future safety and well-being of your children.

Forcing your kids to go through that ridiculously engineered "public fool system" is exactly contrary to the Prime Directive of Any Parent. It's factually diametrically opposed.

Most parents inherently know this, too. It feels ... off... to send their kids to school. Safety? It's certainly not guaranteed anymore.

Nurses who are barely qualified to even touch anyone are put in charge of "school health" and everything that goes with it, which differs by school district.

Guns? Knives? Drugs? Forced studies? Unethical teachers?

Ensuring the current and future safety and well-being of your kids is literally impossible today in public school systems.

I haven't even mentioned bullying! Of course, that's assuming your kid is being bullied or is a bully. If your kid is a bully, do something about it. If your kid is being bullied, he or she needs to know how to counter that.

[Jeannie playing some football with the boys...]

It's at least a little about having a defined training and conditioning regimen, which should start around 7 or 8 years of age. Before 7 years old, the kid should be encouraged to be and allowed to be active for (minimally) 2 hours of activity and outdoor play and for every 1 hour of computer/device time every day. At worst.


What Are They Really DOING in School Nowadays?

OR: Who's Indoctrinating YOUR Kids? Do You Know?

Because most of the parents I know complain about the amount of homework the kids are bringing home. They're up until 9 o'clock doing homework on a normal night, and as late as midnight other times.

What are they teaching in school while neglecting the subjects they're supposed to be teaching?

It's called INDOCTRINATION. They're being indoctrinated in liberal ways – which are not at all different from social Marxism combined with fascism. It's quite amazing listening to these kids talk outside of school when you hear them in stores or church or...

If you hear something along those lines, ask the kid, "Hey, that's awesome, can you give me a real, fact-based example of that?

Family Pic from 2016

No. Because that would be racist. Or because you're an effing c-hole string of explicit wordage. Or deserve to be punched in the face...

The hatred for survival beliefs and practices is customary now in US schools. It's much worse in colleges, too, with a 10.4:1 Liberal:Conservative ratio for professors (at the best ratio schools, and several with zero or one conservative representation!)

So if you're not the one directly teaching your children that people are people and all people should have equal rights and protection under the law, and showing facts and telling true stories to show that, then your children are being taught lies and propaganda based on pure emotion, hatred, killing – rather than sane ideologies.

And you're allowing it to happen. It's the prima fascie principle. You accept it because you haven't done or said anything about it. It's accepted to be true or acceptable based on first appearance (how it is now).

In other words, since you send your kids to that hellhole called School, you accept it as it is. You accept that they're not safe. You accept that someone is indoctrinating your kids to contra-liberty, anti-freedom, slave-based ideologies. You accept that some else is in charge of them learning anything useful at all so they can be useful and productive members of society. You accept that someone else can [insert bad thing here, etc., ad infinitum...]

You're accepting that you're not taking full responsibility for your kids. Period. You're handing them off to someone else, an entity that is run by people who are anti-freedom, anti-liberty, anti-freedom-of-choice.. of the human race.

[Bo playing football when he was 12.]

What? How can that be?

HUGE PRINCIPLE: People are people and deserve the same rights under the law. It shouldn't matter what preferences they have as long as everyone is treated equally under the law.

Where one group is given favoritism, that group is not treated equally under the law and the law trends toward anarchy because it becomes less and less credible over time.

Where one group is given favoritism under the law, where they're not forced to pay the same penalties as others, the boiling of tempers by others who are aware of the injustices begins. The longer the boiling continues, the greater the revolution that follows.

[Want any proof? Look at France. Again. They can't seem to get the idea of a real government for the people. Over and over. Over and over. The French should perhaps consider just giving themselves over to people who can actually govern. That's my opinion, but it's based on historical facts, and what's happening today in France.]

Where one group is given favoritism under the law, the underlying strength of society itself becomes unhinged and begins to fall apart.

With all that in mind, I return to the fact that you're handing your kids off to people who are not working toward the survival of the human race itself being put in charge of your kids, and in charge of writing the policy about your kids while they're in school.

A great many are ultra-gay and are thoroughly indoctrinated in and profess acceptance of and heavily promote hardcore homosexuality. Are the ultra-gay people contributing directly to the survival of the human race? No. They can argue against that all they want, but the very nature of homosexuality is the non-propagation of the human race. DUH.

I don't even care that you won't look up who was in charge of the US Department of Education under Obama (Barry). Then look into that asshat's background and violations of trust and decency. Go ahead because it's much too bad for me to talk about here despite my inclusive use of foul language. He's a hideous individual at every level.

And if I told you the truth about him here, I would lose credibility. That jackass is really THAT bad.

Look into EVERY SINGLE STATE'S Dept. of Education or equivalent, and the EU's equivalents. How many at the top aren't gay? Don't have a family of their own? It's not a small number. These are the people in charge at the highest levels of education? YES and it's contrary to the survival of the human race.

Ultra-Gay Homosexuals can adopt children, but statistics show that they abuse those kids sexually more than hetero couples. Their drug use and abuse rates are much higher than heterosexuals – or even bi-sexuals.

And the forced acceptance of that ultra-gay lifestyle by the adopted is heinous! Heinous! Forcing kids into that is among the highest levels of perversion and social treason.

It's not even that I don't like gay people: I have gay friends who are wonderful people. It's true.

BUT there are gay people who are sooo openly-pathetically-stereotypically flaming gay that it makes normal gay people cringe in disbelief (at first) and say rather unkind things about them.

What's wrong is putting people who have proven records of such destructive, perverted behavior in charge at the highest levels, which is what has been being done since George Bush, Sr. was President. Bill Clinton made it worse. George Bush, Jr. made it even worse. Then Barry (Obama) came along and in eight years utterly destroyed the school systems in the United States.

From Kindergarten forward as high as you could go – destroyed. Conservative representation in Colleges and Universities went from pretty close to 60:40 to worse than 90:10 Liberal:Conservative.

The liberal view (social Socialist/Marxist + fascist) absolutely supports, rewards and encourages anti-freedom, anti-liberty activity. If you're a gay liberal and you apply for a state, county, federal, banking, or education job, you take precedence over the much more qualified applicants who are conservative.

How can that be fair? It's not, but...

It was known even during Biblical times that the law is not made for decent people. Check out 1 Timothy 1:8-10.

Liberals don't care about following the law anyway when it comes to them – ONLY conservatives have to follow the law according to current liberal thought, which rules in the public (and private!) school systems of today.

Liberals reward non-productive elements of society: Food Stamps (SNAP) if they don't work, welfare if they're not able to work, and more programs for people who have every reason under the sun to not work. So the government takes care of them, and the people who do work are taxed to hell.

Insurance is a way for the bad drivers to be subsidized by the good drivers, for the fat, overweight shitty eaters to be subsidized by those who choose to be more healthy, for the good practitioners to subsidize the bad practitioners who can't remember how to do their job.

Insurance is forcing the good, the able, the healthy, to pay for those who aren't.

Insurance is liberal at heart, regardless of what they say.

Every single bad thing about Conservatives said by liberals was factually begun by Liberals. There are practically no exceptions. Racism (KKK founded by Liberal, e.g. – Check out the Dinesh D'Souza book and movies.)

And obviously there is a lot more that I could talk about here. Books have been written on less.

But all that is also part of my reasons to homeschool our children.

The irony is that the school district that we live in is NOT that way to such an extent as I've described above. It's not super-duper-great, but it's better than practically everywhere else in this state! It's better by a lot, too.

And Now the Kids Can't do Simple Math in Seconds Anymore!

It's disgusting to me that a simple addition math problem like 2,345 + 3,210 takes two pages and 15+ minutes to complete! My kids take 8 seconds or less, even our 8-year-old. (I timed it!)

They're not taught anything useful about History in public schools (especially US History and the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Article of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence... their foundation, the Magna Carta. You know, useful documents about the founding of the country (US) and what's enabled the awesome growth of it for over two centuries.)

The kids in public schools today are forced to learn sex ed too early now in many states. Look into California laws. Look into what they're teaching the school girls in Germany and France, and the rest of the EU now – just accept that you're going to be raped, and don't do anything about it because that could get you killed.

Why? Because the pathetic politicians have sold off their people for personal gain. What happens in the influence of the "Religion of Peace"? Rape, murder, you know, MS-13 things.

All over the Western World is the forced integration of intolerance, while force is used to intolerantly handle those who can think for themselves and dare try alone.

What about Leadership?

It takes big, organized groups to overcome such lawless governing, where police are so bad off they arrest the innocent who try to do anything about surviving, about freedom, about liberty!

Homeschool provides a foundation that allows for leadership to be developed. How? In such a small setting?

Leadership is developed. A very few rare people are born with the innate ability to lead people effectively.

Homeschooling allows for the most important element in Leadership to shine: Certainty. And the second most useful tool: Relevant Knowledge.

Public School Systems do not allow the focus necessary for real knowledge to set in, for certainty to develop. In fact, it's quite the opposite (and purposely engineered that way, too).

What gets more work done: A Laser or a Light Bulb?

Light bulbs shine everywhere but get no work done. They're dispersed and do nothing. Lasers accomplish work because all that energy goes to one point. It's the same as all the studies that show that multi-tasking is the sure way to get much less done in a day.

Schools disperse ability, disperse focus, disperse certainty, disperse attention, disperse knowledge, and help create confusion, lack of certainty, no attention, no focus and no ability thereby.

How does that forward liberty? How do public school systems contribute to the current and future safety and well-being of your kids? Oh, they don't.

I haven't even mentioned the social hampering and bullying here, either. Hm...

I haven't covered forced diversity, either. Damn.

"Make it all Irrelevant"

That should be the mantra of modern public school systems in general, all around the Western World.

Why? My niece learned about the history of board games. In school. Really.

Why? Irrelevant history means no lessons learned. Irrelevant math, or over-complicated procedures to do the math, turn superstars into duds and dolts. It's a catering to the lowest levels of intelligence and punishing the above average. It's the exact opposite of what works to improve conditions.

Irrelevant Composition or English or Language Arts or whatever they're calling it now – ah, lack of communication. That's bad because it makes it easy to redefine words.

Look at what Google is helping do: redefine words. Find a good dictionary in the real world. Then look online. They've already started altering a good number of words. Where it used to take a century or so to redefine a word, now it takes only a decade at most, and I don't think it'll slow down until someone overtakes Google's role online.

I've watched Google go from a decent company to being a main factor in the forced down-thrust of Western Civilization. Google owns youtube, facebook owns instagram... (lower cases intentional).

It's not just google, either. It's facebook, twitter and apple, too. Even amazon is starting in now.

Where do the kids spend their time? On a property owned by one of the Big 4 consortium, probably.

So what does all this boil down to?

The Prime Directive of any Parent being applied to the education of our own children.

The Prime Directive of any Parent:

Ensure the current and future safety and well-being of our children.

This applies to education. It applies to everything we do as parents. Do we allow sports? Yes. Why? Prime directive. Do we let them watch whatever they want? Almost. Why? Prime directive.

They have to be exposed to the scandalous, hateful and treacherous left, but they don't have to be indoctrinated by them. School systems are nothing more than indoctrination today.

Have you ever read Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars? It was found in 1986, and exposed in 1991 in a book by a former US Naval Intelligence Officer, William Cooper. I suggest looking at it today.

Back when it was exposed, the information that was exposed was quite a reach. By 1998 it was definitely noticeable. Today, much of it is downright obvious to everyone who dares take a hard look, despite the sick, twisted reality of it.

The vast, vast majority of EU men aren't much like men and are weak, subservient, pitiful versions of what they should be.

Today we see the betrayal of the people by the European "Leaders". They're factually NOT leaders; they're treasonous shit-stains on the world of decency and Western culture.

The real strength of Western culture is the Family, a real family. Husband, wife, kids. A strong family helps create stronger people who can lead and empower stronger groups, which help strengthen the liberty, freedom and survival of the human race.

The globalists don't want the People strengthened. The globalists want sheep to follow them blindly. Globalists want lemmings genetically fused with sheep and slaves. That keeps them in control, you see. Perhaps you think I'm being too hard on the *ahem* globalists?

You don't remember a group that farted out in the ‘90s called Zero Population Growth? Look, I see the dilemma. Earth can't sustain many more people, and in a few years we'll be maxxed out. I get it.

But to kill off billions and billions of people is the plan. Yes, the almighty they want Earth's population again below a billion. I get it. I really do.

The problem is with HOW the slug-swallowers are going about it. It's like they're a bunch of half-wits who know not what marketing is, unless it's forced or blackmail (leverage). They are, every single one of them, half-wits at best.

When the parents do not take the time to properly teach decency, the de facto "teachers" become the public school system.

At home, I get to teach my kids what's right and show them how NOT to do things by looking at what the wag-dogger liberals are doing.

Those wag-dogger liberals lie, cheat, destroy and murder in the name of an idea that they can't even clarify! It's got a name: Social Marxism. Today, however, it's being combined with Fascism. Ironically, they claim to be Anti-Fascist. That's how unbelievably stupid those slimos are: they don't even know the definitions of what they're against!

I can't make this stuff up. The truth is so much more ironic and hard to believe.

Anyway, more and more and more about why to homeschool our kids. I could go on for a long time.

Want more about raising your kids? Visit our site:

IT's in line with the Parent's Prime Directive. In today's Beyond-1984 World, there is no other real option if you want your kids to be awesome in every way they want to be awesome in.

It's my opinion that the question isn't Why Does Anyone Homeschool? The question is Why the Fuck Don't You? (If you don't.)

That's it for the He-Said part of this - I can keep on going, but... What does SHE have to say about why we homeschool our kids?

Why do we homeschool?  by Sheila Burnham

Sheilah and Nadia
Sheilah Burnham

Or maybe this is more why *I* homeschool. You've already had my husband's perspective and while we agree on many points, we each have our own reasons as well. Aside from the fact that long before we had children, before we were really even married, we discussed the topic. Russell said to me, "If you don't, I will." We were in agreement that it was that important. Then...

...There are the obvious reasons:

* Making sure our children actually get the education they should get and deserve to have (which every child has a right to, but if they are educated by a particular establishment they only have rights to what that establishment allows them to). That is NOT a quality education! It's one sided, at best, and over the last few decades, that one side is increasingly, exponentially dangerous to health and survival.

* Teaching our children what we want them to learn and hold dear – whether it be religious freedom, self-defense, holistic living, the importance of reading, heavy in science, math, technology, and well-being... Things that many schools claim to offer but can't possible do in quality with the large quantities of diversity they attempt to serve.

* Teach our children what "sociable" really is – allowing them to stand out, work well with others, regardless of their age, etc.. Respect and social place does NOT apply to "peers" that are only the same age and just because somebody is older does NOT make them an authority or mean they know better. If that were the case, our society wouldn't be in the mess it is already.

...Some less obvious reasons:

* We can teach from anywhere! That means that any and every trip we make, whether it's grocery shopping or vacation, every trip can be a lesson. Every day is relevant and it is up to us to determine how.

* Give our children time to be children. While at home, our kids are constantly learning. They learn everyday living skills. Cooking, cleaning, contribution, budgeting, and so on, on top of doing their lessons. BUT – because they get their lessons done in a timely manner, since they can move at their pace rather than be held to the conformity of masses, whatever level those masses are at, they get to play.

Since they can move as they need to, get their lessons done quickly, they get some time to cut loose too. They play! Constructively! It's a beautiful thing.

The behavior difference in children who are allowed to be children rather than forced to conform and sit for hours on end doing nothing more than busy work, is nothing short of amazing. Oh yeah, and drug-free too, which means they are healthier in the long run also.

This helps them learn to relate to all kinds of people, young, old, and all ages in between. They get to deal with people in a realistic manner with real speed and perception. Not slowed down and inhibited by chemical concoctions or sheer obedience to scholastic ritual.

Our family matters because that is who is around the most. No "school drama"! It's so refreshing!

Jeannie and Nadia

I remember the days of "drama" from when I was in school. I am so glad that our children don't have to suffer all that bull shit.

Oh, and there is another thing. Our kids are real. They hear "fowl language", heck they even speak it sometimes, not that I like it, but... They aren't getting sent to "the office" for saying silly things like "shit" or asking a question in class.

They don't get bullied and they don't bully. In fact, they actually know the difference and have stood up for each other AND their public schooled friends when they have been getting bullied. To that end, our kids are tough. Definitely tougher than they would ever be allowed to be if they were in public school.

Children in public schools here, aren't allowed to do the things that actually make them smarter, stronger, and more resilient.

"Heaven forbid" they might be stronger or smarter than the adults pretending to be superior. Can't have that.

"Children are to be seen and not heard, ruled with an iron fist, beat in to submission, be nothing but respectful and obedient" or the opposite extreme, allowed to be free willy-nilly, lack discipline, "besties" with any "authority" figure, and so on.

To hell with learning mutual respect and how to be decent, contributing people in a community or society. Screw actually guiding their development into responsible citizens that contribute in meaningful ways to an advancing society. Public schools don't facilitate that.

Homeschool, is about learning the delicate balance of life, real life. From early on, because they can.

Homeschool is about treating our children like the individuals they are. They are unique and full of potential. They aren't cookies or pigeons. Not all children are pegs to fit into specific holes and that is how schools treat them. With psycho-babble bull shit and as if they are all the same. "Kids are kids".

Well, to some extent, yes, they are, but that does not make them all the same. What that really means is, like us adults, kids are individuals too. Unlike us though, they haven't been broken!

We, as the adults, have a very important choice to make. We can choose to break them, or we can choose to help them find their own unique interests and develop their potential, mold them into the best possible person they can be.

I choose the latter.

It's not easy by any means but for me anyway, it is far easier than the few weeks I watched our three oldest struggle in a public school that just wanted them to conform against who they were and who they are meant to be.

All kids are amazing. The question is how?

Every parent loves to hear how smart, polite, or well behaved their child is... but at what expense? Does this amazing behavior depend on conformity? I can tell you from experience that no, it does not. Children learn good manners from being around well-mannered people. Which leads me to another point in favor of homeschooling.

In public school, our kids picked up mannerisms of people around them. Most of those mannerisms were rather undesirable. One of those people in particular was neurotic, to say the least, and she was a teacher! Somebody "of influence" over children.

I heard from other parents how she had shared details of her abusive husband and impending divorce with her class. She'd sometimes break down crying and leave the class. Then whenever she could exhibit any power over a child, for whatever stupid reason, she'd do it.

She would continually hold our kid in from recess because he hadn't finished something (which he could have finished at home), and then she had the gall to send home a note suggesting a "boy's group counseling so he can meet boys his age."

Seriously. She wouldn't let him go play and meet other kids and then made out like it was his issue and not hers? Ye-ah. Craaazy!

I'm glad we got them out of there when we did. We might not have been able to recover our son's potential if he had to stay with that crazy woman for the full duration of the school year, I kid you not. Looking back now, I can't figure why he was such a target for her or how any other children made it through her classes unscathed. I don't think they did.

At home, we don't have to force toxic injections on our kids either, to comply with "public health". I know what is in those things and it is NOT for public health. It is forced public sickness. The original idea of vaccines, was meant to do good, I believe that. Instead, the idea has become incredibly tainted and downright dangerous.

Statistically speaking, we have 8 children, and should have at least 1 or two of them with some kind of disease or disorder that "can't be helped". Guess what? They are all happy, healthy, and have GREAT immune systems!!!

The school nurse threatened to call public health on me because our kids weren't "up to date" with their vaccines. The funny thing about that was that I already knew a number of people working for our local public health department who knew me, understood, and respected my decision to not vaccinate our children.

I told that nurse, "You do what you need to do and I'll do what I need to do. I'm not afraid of them." She clearly was.

After that experience, I realized these questions,

"Who do you want your kids to learn from? Somebody who is actually stable and capable of moving your child forward or somebody who happens to pass the background checks but is clearly NOT stable?"

They are allowed to be on psych drugs ya know... which does alter their stability.

"Do you want the people guiding your children's potential to be easily frightened into compliance? How will that encourage children to reach for greatness?"

It won't.

The other 2 boys had better experiences but were not challenged enough to continue to excel.

I wasn't allowed to bump them up a grade and was quoted the "No Child Left Behind Act".


So, because of some stupid "Act" that says no child should be left behind, mine aren't allowed to move ahead? That doesn't make any sense. We "move children forward" by holding others back? What?!

Another thing that happened to one of our other boys that was neglectful in my opinion. He was in gym class and they were playing dodge ball, which in case you don't already know, is a game full of children running, throwing, dodging, grabbing, and if lucky enough to, catching balls in attempt to get each other out or win back their whole team.

He and another boy both ran for the same ball and the other boys head collided squarely with his, right in the eye. Rather than look at it or send him to the nurse for examination or at least some ice, the gym teacher took his word for it that he was "fine".

He was 7... and a tough kid. Of course he'd say he's "fine". When I happened to be there picking him up for a doctor's appointment his eye was red and swollen. His doctor did an eye exam as part of a physical, and suggested he see an optometrist (eye doctor).

The optometrist found that he needed corrective lenses and to this day, he has good days and bad days with his vision. Was it the school's fault?

Nobody will really say either way, but I know there were things they should have done as "responsible adults supervising other people's children" and they did none of those things. They didn't check him. They didn't give him ice, and they didn't let us, his parents, know anything had happened.

As a parent, I feel the school neglected its duty for my child's best interests and as a result, he sustained an eye injury... which has since then been hit at least two other times. Also in my opinion, I don't think he saw those hits coming, because of the first injury. They're lucky we're not litigious.

Who will care for your children as if they are their own? Clearly not the public school here, or at least, I hope they'd treat their children better than any of the above experiences.

This is only part of our "public school" story but our boys came back home to school at home after what felt like a very long and torturous 6 weeks.

6 weeks that caused lots of damage to me and our boys. I still kick myself for "giving it a try," but I can't turn back time so we have moved forward, our kids recovered and again excelled – after a couple or few years recovery time (no joke, 6 weeks made that much difference!).

Entering school, they had been at least 3 years ahead. Coming out after 6 weeks, literally set them back. That is what school is designed to do where we are.

Schools in the United States turn out drones, who rarely if ever think for themselves. They are growing more and more inept, unable to function without computers with spell-check and according to my recent trip to the Motor Vehicle office, unable to even sign their name when they are old enough to drive!

What the hell are they doing to children in public schools?!

They don't even know how to sign their names?

How on earth can our society expect them to understand what entering a legal and binding contract is if they can't sign their name?

Do they know what it means to "authorize"?

The potential abuses of this lack of knowledge make me sick. Physically, mentally, and spiritually sick. What "THEY" are doing to children is disgusting.

Our children's future is being opened up to countless tortures, subjection to slavery of one kind or another, abuses, and horrible wrong-doings against them that they won't even recognize as wrong because they have been taught to go-along with whatever.

I refuse to let my children go with that flow. They will know what is right and wrong. What is natural and not.

Which brings me to another topic... Biological norms.

Two of our girls were at a birthday party the other day, at which there was an infant. They noted that the mother formula fed the baby.

Now, I know that there are a variety of reasons why women in the United States actually choose to formula feed their babies but I also believe that the biggest, most prevalent reason is because they don't know any better.

Formula cannot possibly, ever give a child the best start possible... unless the mother is out of the picture all together and there is no other breastmilk to give the baby.

Our society has conditioned women to feel they are inadequate to feed their children and made parents to feel like they can't raise or teach their children.

Women are biologically designed to carry, develop, give birth, and nurture their young. Many societies have "shamed" this innate ability out of women.

Instead, "THEY" want to control everything to the point of scaring the shit out of parents, especially women.

Women are easy prey for "THEM", it's an unfortunate truth.

"THEY" have twisted feminism so much so, it stops reproduction and dumbs down current existence. "THEIR" twist takes away anything natural, including the ability to be a strong, independent, athletic woman, with a choice to be with a great guy or not.

As a "breastfeeding peer counselor" I worked with teens in public schools that were forced out of school during pregnancy, tutored during that time, and not allowed to care for their own baby after birth. How dare a teen who messed up early in life want to be a responsible young adult?!

"Rip that baby away as soon as possible, don't provide the tutor during her post-partum period so she can learn to parent AND continue to work toward her new future of providing for her baby."

That was the public school thought around here. Has it degraded even more so by now to forcing the kids to have abortions? I don't know.

The public schools encourage sex early on by giving kids "sex-ed" as early as kindergarten and then they don't go over repercussions of that until high school... when it's too late. At which point they brainwash the young parents into thinking they will ruin their lives if they choose to behave like responsible young adults and care for their babies.

One of the young moms I worked with, chose to prove them wrong and she rocked it. I'm so proud of her.

She actually asked her parents to homeschool her but they felt they were unable to teach her adequately. (I would not be the least bit surprised if the school helped them feel inadequate and unable to school her.) They wanted to help but didn't know how and the school's solution was to put her baby in day care, her back in school, and business as usual. They had their numbers and continued to get paid for her attendance so they were happy.

When she was old enough, she dropped out of school, got her GED (the General Equivalency Diploma, in the United States), and then went on to become an EMT. All the while, taking care of her kid herself, with occasional help from "Grandma" as a baby sitter. After that, she went on to become a Paramedic!

She took charge of her life because of one empathetic, encouraging, "Peer Counselor" (me) who never actually said to do any of that but *did* ask her about her parent's willingness to homeschool and also implied that there must be another way. There is always more than one way to "skin a cat".

Another mom that I worked with in a different capacity was bullied into removing her bullied child from one school and sending her to another one in a different and father district because the first school, refused to stop the bullying her daughter was going through.

When her daughter finally cracked under pressure she popped off at the principal (she threw the principal's candy dish). The Superintendent suspended her daughter for the duration of one year essentially for being victimized and not taking it anymore. The Superintendent told her if she didn't comply, they'd go to court and "make it two years, because our attorneys are good at what they do."

Not having the money to go to court, the mom reluctantly complied. I doubt she knew she should sign her agreement as "under duress" either.

In the United States, they also enforce vaccines in most states which have been shown in third world countries to cause infertility! Why would anyone in their right and informed mind want to doom their bloodlines like that?

Personally, I want my kids to make their own choices about having family. I don't want the establishment to force its plans on them.

If they were in school, the vaccines are required... some states still allow a religious exemption, but there is no exemption for simply knowing they are not healthy and opting out of them. That means if you aren't "really religious", you have to lie. What does that teach our children?

The whole "school" system thing, is rigged to make children meek, weak, obedient, stupid, and easy to control.

More on the biological norms...

Do you know who else are "easy prey"?

Children, bad people know it, and those sickos even enjoy it.

There is a difference between encouraging boys to act like girls or girls to act like boys and allowing them to just do and be whatever they are good at.

Whether girls are jock-ish or boys are nurturing, they can still be healthy, heterosexual adults that enjoy making and having a family that just kicks ass at whatever they aspire to. Today's society, has taken the extreme turn of taking those things that used to be consider stereo-typical assumptions, and forces them into a faux reality, again, endangering children's future.

I hate that a boy can't play with dolls or a girl can't play with cars without assumptions being made that they must be "transgender".

The first words out of a stranger's mouth after seeing my 11-year-old daughter dust every boy in her Pee-Wee football league while scoring touch-down after touch-down, should NOT be, "Is she a dyke?"

Are you fucking kidding me?! First off, she's 11! (She was 10 at the time.) Secondly, BOTH her parents were jocks, why can't she be... without the assumption that she's already gay?

She identifies very well as a heterosexual female (not that we should be worried about such ridiculous things in children), she just happens to like playing football and she is also really good at it!

The fact that she played helped the boys do better too. She inspired greatness in the whole team. Without her, there would be a bunch of boys being raised in the public-school system to be a bunch of pussies. Now, their goal is to be able to keep up with the badest-assed girl they know, our daughter... who isn't going to be playing football for much longer but will keep them on their toes as long as she does. 😉

I played with "action figures" and cars as a little girl and I assure you I am a straight arrow. My best friend happened to be a boy. We lived in a rural area and until I made another best friend that moved into the neighborhood years later, I didn't know anything else but cars and action figures when it came to playing with him. He had no interest in playing with my dolls unless we were playing house and he was the "Dad" that just got home from work and wanted something to eat.

The game of "house" got old fast and besides, housekeeping and cooking have never been my strongest suit so... Action figures and cars we played with! LOL

After 8 children all with the same man, do you really think there is any inkling that I could be gay simply because I played with cars and action figures as a child? Or I was a jock, even at the collegiate level?

If so, I hate to break it to you so bluntly but you are an idiot.

What about my dad? One of his favorite shirts in high-school happened to be pink. By today's standard, like was done to a boy in California that liked to play with Barbie's and wear dresses (allegedly), my dad would have been labeled gender-confused... or transgender, and I might not exist today. Instead, men could still be men and wear a pink dress shirt – besides, the ladies like pink! (Yes, my dad was some-what of a ladie's man, but he and my mom have been married for over 50 years and were high-school sweethearts before that.)

Which brings me to yet ANOTHER thing wrong with public schools – They are really good at pitting one parent against another. If things aren't handled the way one parent thinks they should be and they turn to the other parent who doesn't really know how to handle "the system" either...

I can't tell you how many divorces I know of, from my tiny class and small school alone, that are a result of poor communication or cooperation in the family unit due to school "intervention" and disturbance.

Additionally, I know of other children in the guardianship of people who should not be allowed to care for children because they are abusive, lying, deceitful, hateful, people that like to keep people under their thumb as long as they can possibly get away with.

The school falls short and does not do their job. They have been neglectful when these children have asked for help. They turned away when it was requested that the guardians be reported to CPS (Child Protective Services). So CPS has only the children's word for what has happened to them (because 2 of the 3 called on separate occasions) and the guardian's reply was simply, "You know how kids lie."

The school sees those children every day, all year during the school year, has sent them home sick when they were given "medicine" and sent to school under circumstances that they should have been seeing a doctor instead. They know what goes on, yet still refuse to step up and protect those children. Why?

All I can figure is that here, public school gets paid subsidies based on attendance. They are afraid to rock the boat because it might mess up their attendance records. They don't care about the children's health, only the money they get from having them attend.

It's ok to create a rift between a kid's parents that will split up the family, (one or both of them are bound to remain in the district with custody of the children anyway... and then a kid will need extra counseling or whatever in school, which in turn just gets the school district more money to cater to "disabilities".

"Disabilities" in the form of "behavior issues" caused by all the hub-ub, which leads to psych drugs, which the delightful (please hear the sarcastic tone) school system encourages by offering payment (from Social Services) to parents who have children on those drugs.

It's a disgusting cycle that is created over time and facilitated by the public-school system.

Then there is the nonsense of allowing children to keep their in-school medical records from their parents. Our country is backwards.

Somehow, kids aren't able to decide for themselves whether they are boys are girls but it's ok for them to decide if their parents should know whether or not they have been hurt or received contraceptives at school, are sexually active, or hit in the head? If they don't have "good judgement" for one, why on earth would "THEY" feel they have good judgement for another?

OR, perhaps that is "THEIR" way of manipulating children, creating instability, undermining families, and ensuring the future is doomed for destruction, chaos, sickness, and death.

What about the whole "stranger danger" but encouraging the assumption that all cops, EMS, teachers and etc., are good, helpful people? My own experiences have told me otherwise. I think children should be allowed and encouraged to develop their own instincts of who is safe and who isn't, in the safe influence of who I know to me safe – me.

Some may consider that over-protective, but the incidents of sexual abuse in schools is astounding lately. Teachers sleeping with their students, the growing "requirements" of verifiable LGBTQ... backgrounds, ... I don't understand that thinking.

When did gender-preference ever indicate somebody's "safety" level in a positive light to govern over children? How does that make them a good teacher? It doesn't! I can't believe anyone would even consider such insanity.

Good teachers teach!

In my own experience, the best teachers have had strong family ties, usually with children (or prospects there) of their own.

Which brings me to another huge concern I have in our rural area...

The number of registered sex offenders, pedophiles within half a mile from the school, is disturbing. What about the ones who haven't gone through the registration process?! Or worse yet, urban areas where the concentration of people, children, and pedophiles are all much higher.

Call me paranoid if you want to but, if a pervert can be waiting in the Legion bathroom to watch boys pee (also happened here), who's to say there is no possibility of pedophiles looking out their window picking their next target out when they live right next to the school? Yes, right there next to the school grounds, when he could step outside his door and about 15 feet to the same path kids use to walk up to the school doors.

On top of all these extraneous things – the COST of public school education is far greater than it used to be. It has become a regular thing that each year, children prepare for school with their parents by going down a list of required supplies, some of which don't even apply to learning!

So much for public school being "free" and paid for by school taxes, property taxes, and the lottery! Where the hell does all that money go now since it clearly isn't going to pay for education?

We have been able to more thoroughly educate all of our children at home, for a small fraction of the cost it would be for us to send them to public school... which is supposed to be free in the United States, because all children are "entitled" to an education. Again, makes me sick. The lies, deception of the bad "leadership".

For the short time our boys were in school, their "gun safety" requirement was "met" not by learning what a gun is capable of or how to properly handle one, but of literature that literally said, "If you see a gun, run and tell an adult."

There was more, like I imagine that somewhere in it they said that police can be trusted, and so on, but our kids have the best gun safety lessons right here at home, from my ex-military husband. Every year. We take that safety seriously, but we don't want them to be afraid of guns. Guns can be useful tools when handled responsibly. Like a knife or scraper in the kitchen.

We teach our children responsibility. Not just with gun safety, but everything they can influence somehow. We all have a purpose, ways we can contribute, and they need to know early on that they can and should contribute. They have a duty and responsibility to as citizens on this beautiful planet of ours.

They can make it more beautiful or let it decay and become destroyed. We homeschool to make the world better.

Still, I could go on. I get a little emotional at times because there are SO MANY reasons why I choose to homeschool our children. To that end, I hope my emotional writing wasn't too hard to follow.

As horrible and unbelievable as some of these truths are, we are actually quite fortunate to live in a place that is way better than most. Some people may think I'm paranoid or over-protective, others tell me "I wish I could do what you do, I just can't. I couldn't ever. I wouldn't know where to start."

We've told them where to start, even offered guidance and told them the various different things we have done over the years which have made homeschooling easier for us and very effective for the children. What to know where to start as parents? We've recently started a website where we write when we can. It's

If the safety, wellbeing, and future of their children is paramount to them, then they homeschool. They quickly and easily see nothing but benefit to homeschool. The only possible drawback for me is – our house is infrequently as clean as I want it to be. It's harder to "keep". That is a small price to pay for giving our kids the absolute best education we can.

Now that we have some older kids actually out of school and I am beginning to see the fruition of what we have been doing for all this time, I am finally feeling a bit rewarded. They are making their way, plowing forward, leading others toward a better future, each in their own unique way.

One is a published author and the other a programmer.

Up and coming we have a handy survivalist, an artist, a professional athlete, and a few more that haven't quite decided, but seem to lean toward building or architecture and dentistry (of all things – along with dancing because she likes that too).

The last of our children – not yet two, is already interested in learning to read and I can only imagine the potential. I am sure it will be something else amazing.

It is really exciting as a parent and educator to see how they develop and know that I had something to do with that. Something really important and grossly undervalued in our society.

You can ask them about it, they will tell you how they get to pursue their interests and they appreciate that aspect of homeschool.

We are right to homeschool.

So really, the question is no longer why we would homeschool, but why wouldn't we?

Our society has reached a point where it is crazy not to homeschool.

That is why I homeschool.

Combating Cultural Marxism

Here's a crucial part of a 12-minute response Jack Sen gave to a group of nationalists and journalists, during a recent talk in Liverpool, when asked about Cultural Marxism and political correctness.

"So people often ask me at events, Jack, what is Cultural Marxism?

To that I typically respond, the better question to ask yourself is what isn't?

Every last bit of evil, filth and degeneracy society is being systematically bombarded with on a daily basis by the Establishment, media, government and schools has been designed to undermine traditional Western values and morality, and with it the cornerstone of Western society - the family.

Every, yes every last drop of it is in fact a component of Cultural Marxism....

Marxism was the attempted violent overthrow of traditional society and the natural order through the incitement of animosity in the working classes. Their ludicrous ideology and attempts to hijack the proletariat failed miserably in the West where life was good and people were generally happy, so they came back with a vengeance and began infiltrating our institutions in order to subvert us from within.

The Marxist runs labour unions and incites hatred on the streets by preying upon unsuspecting working men and women. The Cultural Marxist does so via his lectern, from behind the camera and from within our government.

Cultural Marxism is in essence is a failed form of 19th century and early 20th century Marxism translated from economic terms into cultural terms, according to a well known activist.

Cultural Marxism has been so potently weaponised and grotesquely successful that the West no longer remotely resembles the magnificent place it once was. The cradle and bread-basket of modern civilisation has become a veritable basket case.

This has been accomplished via the great march through the institutions - that memorable slogan of Marxist infiltration, attributed to Jewish Marxian theorist, Antonio Gramsci.It (the slogan) was in fact coined by German Socialist and British New Left icon, Rudi Dutschke, in the late Nineteen Sixties. Once the Left recognised that violent revolution – a mass uprising by the organised working class – was impossible because the working man wasn't buying their lies, they devised plan B - the wholesale infiltration of the institutions responsible for shaping public opinion. That in essence is Cultural Marxism."

Please join us to help us combat Cultural Marxism