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A sincere thanks for your interest in Liberty Defenders. Only with your help can we continue to fight for your rights.

Although Liberty Defenders is a not-for-profit venture, we need your contributions and patronage if we are to survive the establishment's relentless efforts to stop our work. In fact in order for us to break even this month we urgently need 7 more people to join our ranks.

Your membership will also assist us cover our costs travelling to protests and events across the country. Please peruse this site as well as our Facebook page for videos of our protests and activism.

Your support also enables us to host all of our own content, which is very costly - meaning we can bypass hosting sites like YouTube that routinely censor genuine traditionalist messages. In order for us to speak freely about the topics we feel are important we need to continue to host our own content.

By becoming a Defender you will have access to all of our exclusive content, access to our private events hosted by Tim Scott, have a chance to meet, engage and work with Defender leadership and get involved in the most vibrant patriotic movement in Britain.

Members will also be given personal contact details of Defender leadership so they can establish personal communication.

Featured story - Who is Tim Scott? Why should he - not keyboard commandos like Milo Yiannopoulos and Raheem Kassam who have never fought ISIS on their own turf - be leading the charge?)

If you'd prefer to simply assist us with a donation and message to our Defenders you can do so in the donation section on the right hand side if this page.

If you want to become a patron for only 17£ per month, which will give you personal access to Tim and the team please write to us on [email protected]

Our email account is based in Europe now due to our governments refusal to value our right to free speech

To join us by becoming a basic member for 7£ per month please write to us on the same email address. we can set up your account with a simple PayPal donation and monthly commitment that literally keeps this site and our work alive.

If you are interested in helping us in any way or just want to say hi, please write to us on [email protected]


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