Retired US Marine & Liberty Defender fights for brave US & British soldiers betrayed by our evil governments. John de Nugent, Liberty Defender

Retired US Marine with English soul fights for veterans both sides of the Atlantic

article by John de Nugent

I wanted to greet my fellow Liberty Defenders in Britain - my ancestral homeland -  and write a bit about why I decided to join Liberty Defenders.

I was honoured when Tim Scott and my close personal friend Jack Sen asked me to represent their organisation in the United States as their Director of North American Operations and Tim's, Veterans for Freedom US. So much so, that I asked if I could write about my activism, what I hope to bring to your organisation and why I care so much for the brave servicemen in both the United States and Great Britain, the land in which my grandfather, a proud Yorkshireman, was born and raised.

Both Tim and Jack are extremely brave souls and have sacrificed so much for our people and nations - that goes without saying.

Anyone that actively defends the rights of the embattled white working class, people of European origin in general, against a hostile elite hell bent on destroying all of us, has to be built like a British Challenger 2 Tank!

(The only Challenger 2 (C2) ever to be knocked down was during an inadvertent "blue on blue" from another British Challenger 2. A C2 once took fire from 76 RPGs without injury to its crew and was back in service quickly.)

In fact fighting behalf of our embattled people is something I have been actively doing in earnest for the past four decades...

For those of you do not yet know me, my name is John de Nugent and I have been been a civil rights, children's and veteran's rights activist sine the late 1970s.

Born 1954 to English-American parents, I could have gone off to fight in the supposedly anti-Communist crusade of the Vietnam War, but it was clear by 1972 that the US was once again bogged down in a “no-win” war.

Its real goals were to 1) enrich Wall Street (and the “military-industrial complex” which our President Eisenhower fiercely denounced in his final speech in 1961) and 2) to deliberately kill off our best, bravest, patriotic and idealistic young men, and leave the pitiful survivors as “basket cases,” human wrecks who are racked by PTSD and multiple serious ailments, such as Agent Orange disease.

My own father, a staff sergeant with the Marine Corps in WWII (including the famous Battle of Iwo Jima) and then a Marine captain in the Korean War (fighting alongside a superb British Commonwealth division, and commanding at just 21 a whole battalion, because half the Marine officers in Korea around and above him were killed or wounded) warned me that officers from colonel on up too often were corrupt sell-outs who cared nothing for their men.

One brave General decided to blame the special interest groups and foreign states who benefit from our soldiers hardships.

They would do anything, or be shamefully silent, in order to get their promotions.and he predicted to me that America’s every war since WWII would ALL be pointless, no-win conflicts.

And how right he was....

So I waited until “Nam” was completely over, and then enlisted in the elite US Marine Corps in 1977. Since I was then enrolled at the prestigious Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and doing well,

…and married and planning on being a father, I decided to join just the Reserve of the Marine Corps.

My beautiful daughters, Erika and Ingrid. Jack Sen's beautiful daughter Alexa is also my goddaughter

After the indeed brutal, legendary recruit training base at Parris Island, South Carolina I did weekend duty monthly — and temporary active duties in the summertime — going off to near Death Valley, California (desert training in 120 F/50-degree-C heat)…

Time spent on Twenty-Nine Palms Marine desert warfare base

…to the Mediterranean (to Spain, France and Sardinia) and to Eutin, Germany for NATO Reforger exercises.

I was gratified to be promoted three times in one year, 1978, and make non-commissioned officer (corporal).

My commanding officer, however, a Harvey Philip Gold, discovered my ultra traditionalist leanings – and transferred me in 1979 to an all-black supply unit, full of all the battalion “losers.” Even back in the 1970's there were certain demographics that viewed being pro-white with disdain.

Although I have always gotten on well with people of all backgrounds, being intentionally thrown in with an all-black regiment solely by my anti-Christian and anti-white Jewish commanding officer because I'd shown in interest in white civil rights, was really a living death.

So I requested an “inter-service transfer” over from the Marines to the Virginia Army National Guard. I went into an excellent infantry unit, connected to the US Army. There I was named “Guardsman of the Year” in my company and made sergeant under Captain John Holt.

Looking back, military discipline is certainly good for a young lad and having a stern, fair male authority figure who will not accept any immaturity, laziness and excuses.

And if you are a white civil-rights activist, you can always win points by proving you may hate the regime, but you loved and served your country in the military, which is more than most men today can say.

But so many Marines and soldiers went off to real combat and were killed there…

Marines in Nam haul their dead lieutenant out of the jungle. 

… or wounded, even amputated…–

….or poisoned and sickened for life by our toxic “burn pits” (trash-burning areas located, idiotically, right next to US bases, which every week send poisonous air into the base when the wind blows that way)…..

I personally know a former Army soldier (and great guitarist, btw) who is apparently dying at just 56, diagnosed with “terminal cardiac myopathy” from working next to a a burn pit in Iraq.

…by helicopter-fuel-polluted drinking water (I met a 20-year-old former Marine who is on 100% disability and gets kidney dialysis thrice a week at the VA hospital in Butler, Pennsylvania — the top brass at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina betrayed the troops and LIED and COVERED UP a serious helicopter-fuel spill that leached down into the ground water)….

…. or especially by our dozens of highly dangerous vaccines.

I know two big, strong, married former US Marines, both with really attractive wives, one here in Ontonagon, Michigan, and the other in Natrona, Pennsylvania,  who were made sterile by the horrible, unnecessary anthrax vaccine.

(You have to sign a permission slip that directly warns you the vaccine “may make you temporarily sterile” — a bloody lie!!)

Military service might indeed help your character; and it will definitely teach you as a man how to kill people, which might come in mighty handy if the “SHTF.”

….but, these days, you may just come back dead for absolutely nothing.

Your children will have no dad….

Your parents will get the news they dreaded all along.

….Your wife is a widow…

She is also saddled with your kids, but now is without any husband. And many men don’t date a woman with another man’s kids and just don’t want to deal with them. Your wife may be a widow for a long time, or have “unsat” boyfriends that your kids despise (or who might even be a “weirdo” and try to molest them)!

Chin up, bucko! The tv set will raise you now.

….or you come back technically “alive” but bitter, sick in both body and mind, and seriously suicidal.

 Marine in a mental fog, and freaked-out, wanders around the battlefield during the Marine assault on the Japanese-held island of Peleliu (from the HBO series “The Pacific”)

US Army soldier after a patrol in Kabul, Afghanistan: hours of boredom punctuated by seconds of sheer terror 

Marine sergeant Brandon Ketchum killed himself after the VA [Veterans Administration] refused to see him despite pleading to the triage nurse that he had severe, constant suicidal thoughts.

Marines watch artillery land in Korea at -30 F (-34 C). 

Marines discover a dead buddy, tied to a tree, tortured, eyes gouged out, and castrated by the Japanese, with his testicles stuffed in his mouth. The North Koreans did this too, and my dad saw it, and a crucifixion. My father had nightmares for six months after Korea. You think you won’t be captured, but you can be knocked out by a grenade, left for dead as the battlefield rapidly moves, and wake up — in enemy hands.

Today, I still love my country, but after military service, I hate the traitors ruining it!

This brave warrior –“no greater love” — jumped on a grenade for his buddy in Afghanistan, and somehow lived, losing one eye, and having dozens of operations. Yes, that is the Medal of Honor in blue under his neck, for absolutely making the decision to sacrifice yourself. There is no nobler deed.

Even the cynical David Letterman got emotional.

“According to the reports afterward, because I don’t remember anything, I jumped on the grenade.”

But it was all for a foreign power, not oil, as phony globalist Michael Moore claimed in his farcical film, Fahrenheit 9/11.

Here is that graphic by the Marine general once again for you to ponder.

This is why I joined Liberty Defenders and am proud to serve as the North American ambassador and Director of NA operations.

To fight alongside Timothy Scott and by my great friend, Jack Sen, as they battle our Globalist oppressors and for our fallen heroes on both sides of the Atlantic.