Veterans for Freedom


Where it All Began

by Timothy Scott




Five point Manifesto of the Veteran’s For Freedom :

VFF 1). The Military Covenant: Veteran’s For Freedom (herein after The VFF), holds the view that: The current coalition government is in breach of its duty to and, in compliance with, The Military Covenant to the soldiers of The United Kingdom. The VFF will pursue those of all political parties that have either sought to distort or willfully disregard their responsibilities pursuant to the said covenant.

The VFF shall endeavor for the full, transparent and accountable application of The Military Covenant. It is our view that given world events of our generation, over the past two decades, and the service and sacrifices made by those of the Armed Forces and their families; to allow this broken promise to continue to be manipulated, cherry picked, and in some cases just plainly ignored, would be unforgivable.

The VFF shall no longer accept any government’s incredulous representation as to what they presently claim to be their fulfillment to The Military Covenant.

2). Who and What Do We Support: The VFF is in support of:

i). Those who have provided assistance to military personnel, their families and, the members of the military veteran’s community and their family members.

ii). Members of the UK community that have spoken out against the reckless, radical, and unscrupulous hate groups that have sought to disrespect, physically attack, stalk and publicly malign members of The British Military, the contributions of the British Military, its members, its culture and its contributions to the propagation, development, and evolution of British society and culture.

iii). The efforts of the British Community that have continued to raise public awareness as to the realities within contemporary British society in all aspects.

3). The Subject of PTSD: The VFF’s position on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Veterans is that theirs’ is a struggle that pervades into their everyday life outside of the military. We do not see them as crazy nor shall they be left behind, whist all of us do not suffer from this we also are fully aware that many of u suffer in silence.

This condition and the conditions of Battle-Induced Mental Traumas are to be fully recognized as such, fully supported by the British Government and, understood by the general public, to ensure that these members of our community are not left to fend for themselves, especially when they have defended our country.

4). Women Veterans: The VFF is not a group exclusive to male veterans.

We are explicitly aware of the contributions made by our female counterparts in recent wars and their continued involvement in front line combat and hostile environment operations. These serving women and veterans are just as integral to our group as they are in our everyday lives, family units, and society as a whole. Female veterans are veterans – period; they are additionally promoted via our ladies of combat page to stress this point and their work in the military.

5). The Military and Charities: The VFF promotes those still serving within the Military and in raising awareness as to their work and the sacrifices they give on a daily basis. We also support all Military Charities and conduct work on their behalf.

The Veterans For Freedom Household: The VFF is a group where like-minded people can meet and help each other. We are a community of brothers and sisters in arms with an unbreakable bond forged in training, combat, sacrifice, and service.