Combating Cultural Marxism with Liberty Defenders

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What is Cultural Marxism?

Liberty Defenders co-founder, Jack Sen, discussed the subject during a talk he gave in Liverpool to a group of nationalists and journalists, entitled the "Evils of Marxism."

"So people often ask me at events, Jack, what is Cultural Marxism?

To that I typically respond, the better question to ask yourself is what isn't?

Every last bit of evil, filth and degeneracy society is being systematically bombarded with on a daily basis by the Establishment, media, government and schools has been designed to undermine traditional Western values and morality, and with it the cornerstone of Western society - the family.

Every, yes every last drop of it is in fact a component of Cultural Marxism....

Marxism was the attempted violent overthrow of traditional society and the natural order through the incitement of animosity in the working classes. Their ludicrous ideology and attempts to hijack the proletariat failed miserably in the West where life was good and people were generally happy, so they came back with a vengeance and began infiltrating our institutions in order to subvert us from within.

The Marxist runs labour unions and incites hatred on the streets by preying upon unsuspecting working men and women. The Cultural Marxist does so via his lectern, from behind the camera and from within our government.

Cultural Marxism is in essence is a failed form of 19th century and early 20th century Marxism translated from economic terms into cultural terms, according to a well known activist.

Cultural Marxism has been so potently weaponised and grotesquely successful that the West no longer remotely resembles the magnificent place it once was. The cradle and bread-basket of modern civilisation has become a veritable basket case.

This has been accomplished via the great march through the institutions - that memorable slogan of Marxist infiltration, attributed to Jewish Marxian theorist, Antonio Gramsci.It (the slogan) was in fact coined by German Socialist and British New Left icon, Rudi Dutschke, in the late Nineteen Sixties. Once the Left recognised that violent revolution – a mass uprising by the organised working class – was impossible because the working man wasn't buying their lies, they devised plan B - the wholesale infiltration of the institutions responsible for shaping public opinion. That in essence is Cultural Marxism."

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