Why Liberty Defenders?

Greetings Patriots and Traditionalists

Since its inception, Liberty Defenders has sought to provide a voice for the voiceless, hope for society's most vulnerable and protections for people brave enough to speak out against Establishment tyranny, liberal degeneracy and pathological Left-wing hatred of all that is righteous and decent.

Liberty Defenders fights for the freedom to raise our children as we wish, to live the lives our parents were permitted to - one free from government oppression and the long arm of the thought police.

We fight for the right to decide whether or not we want our children exposed to dangerous Left-wing pathogens that wreck the traditional family, shatter male self-esteem, female grace and femininity, undermine the father and obliterate the building block of British society-the traditional family.

We fight for our right to defend our home, loved ones and property and against government dictating to us every facet of our lives.

We fight to foster an environment where the rights of the individual are of paramount importance. Where our government accepts that their role is in fact to encourage and protect individual freedom, foster initiative and enterprise, and to create an environment where people have the ability to live their lives freely, to work, earn, save and acquire property - an environment where one's right to life, liberty and of the pursuit of happiness - trumps all.

The men and women that serve Liberty Defenders and Veterans for Freedom are committed to building a fairer freer Britain, where human rights and civil liberties are enjoyed by everyone - not just the elite, those aligned with big government, members of fringe groups and minorities with loud enough voices and deep enough pockets to be heard.
Unlike fake Right-Wing movements that are propped up by the Establishment and funded by special interest groups serving several foreign governments whose attention is focused on solely one problem, we challenge the status quo by looking at the bigger picture. Groups that focus solely on Islamism are using you, not only to enrich themselves – the counter-jihad movement is a lucrative proposition for them – but also to serve a foreign State, hell bent on controlling our nations Right wing.

The fact these movements are often run by former Marxists and LGBT activists, instead of traditionalists should tell you, they are NOT fighting for YOUR interests.

Who are we?

The Liberty Defenders was created by Timothy Scott, the former British soldier who famously volunteered to fight against ISIS alongside the Kurdish Peshmerga and for the good of humanity, and Jack Sen, the former prospective Member of Parliament for West Lancashire for UKIP and former British National Party spokesman.

You can learn about our other team leaders by clicking on their names.

Jake B - Yorkshire & the Humber

Clare Wilson - South Coast

Mick Anell - Community Outreach Director

Carey Roberts - Wales & Cheshire

Julie Francis - The North West

John de Nugent - Director of North American Affairs

Carl Mason - Worcestershire and the Midlands Regional Director

Co-founders Timothy Scott and Jack Sen created Liberty Defenders to counter profit-driven controlled Right-Wing movements, after they realised there was no longer any room for people holding genuine traditional values anywhere on the Right. Not only have Tim and Jack been pushed out of various parties duet o their refusal to shill on behalf of foreign governments or to kowtow to the political correctness that is now pervasive across the Right, they simply wanted an organisation that espoused the values and manner in which they were raise. Values other right wing organisations, simply just do NOT have.

So, how are we different?

On addition to our ideological differences, one thing that distinguishes us from other groups is the fact that very last cent we take in gets spent on our organisation. In fact Tim and Jack have thus far pumped thousands of pounds of their own money into the work - commissioning two professional videos exposing Globalist efforts to harm Britain, buying pins and other kit for LD members, covering their own travel expenses etc.Tim in fact used his own money when he volunteered to fight iSIS.

Although Liberty Defenders is a not-for-profit venture, we still though need your contributions and patronage if we are to survive the Establishment's relentless efforts to stop our work.

Your membership will also assist us cover our costs travelling to protests and events across the country. (Please see this site as well as our Facebook page for videos of our protests and activism.)

Your support also enables us to host all of our own content which is costly - meaning we can bypass hosting sites like YouTube that routinely censor genuine traditionalist messages. In order for us to speak freely about the topics we feel are important we need to continue to host our own content. Content written by men who've served, run for office and put their lives on the line. Men like Tom Scott.

(Who is Tim Scott? Why should he - not keyboard commandos like Milo Yiannopoulos and Raheem Kassam who have never fought ISIS on their own turf - be leading the charge?)

You will also have access to our private events hosted by Tim Scott, have a chance to meet, engage and work with Defender leadership and get involved in the most vibrant patriotic movement in Britain. Members will also be given personal contact details of Defender leadership so they can establish personal contact.

If you'd prefer to simply assist us with a donation and message to our Defenders, you can do so in the donation section on the righthand side of this page.

Most importantly though, by becoming a member you are helping us defend our rights during this crucial period in our nation's history!

Joining us

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Once you have successfully checked out, you will be able to log on and listen to all of the current and archived content on the site. If you have any issues subscribing please write to [email protected]

Note - Google Chrome and Mozilla/Firefox are preferable as they are more secure and work smoothest. Internet Explorer has proven glitchy. Although Liberty Defenders is a not-for-profit venture, we need your contributions and patronage if we are to expand. Our next venture is television and documentary film making.

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