We urge our government to house our homeless veterans this winter – ld winter message

Who are we? Liberty Defenders is first and foremost a veteran's rights organisation run by British veterans and civilian supporters of our nation's military.

All of our activists are independent, care for veterans rights and love this country first. We are also a patriotic civil rights organisation run by independent veterans & patriots. We are not 'Right wing', just patriotic.

We should also add that over the past year the entire Resistance network has evolved from what has been referred to as a "Hard" and "Far" right wing platform to one deeply critical of the establishment empowered "Far right" and the blatantly racist brand of identity politics being pushed by extremists on both sides of the political spectrum.

We have recognised that agent provocateurs like Tommy, Milo and Raheem Kassam, who are anything but traditionally conservative, are being paid to divide society, pit the races, genders and adherents of different religions against one another (identical to orgs like Antifa they claim they fight) - irreparably harming Britain in the process - in order to foment hatred, incite violence and lead Britain down a very dangerous path. And we want no part of it. 

This is why these pundits never speak about Brexit, care nothing about victims of knife crime or the plight our veterans face, ignore victims of paedophilia unless it involves Muslim perpetrators, disregard homelessness and widespread poverty impacting Britain's most vulnerable people. For the "Far Right" it has become all about Islam and how they can profit from inciting a singular hatred against a specific group. It is and never will be about Britain's interests, building bridges or defending our freedoms. It is putting lives at risk, radicalising youth (both Muslim and white) and leading us down a very dangerous path.

The idea that LD, which is often referred to as "Alt Right", is tied to men who hate our societies women, who advocate violence against marginalised communities in order to push a very specific hate-based agenda, regularly express hatred towards Britain's poorest people and are often funded by non-British foundations and organisations bent on destroying this country from abroad - as has been exposed in recent months by the Times - pains us. 

Our goal is to heal wounds, empower people through truth and tell the people benefiting from division and hatred, you’ve lost one of your greatest tools.

We will continue to fight for civil rights, against censorship, for freedom of expression and most importantly, against the hatred espoused by the Alt Right we are no longer comfortable being a part of. Jack

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For our latest article on the British military industrial complex's immoral dealings with rogue and terror-enabling states, our latest hard hitting commentary and podcasts, former Member of European Parliament, Andrew Brons, speeches from Tim, Jack, Mick Anell, Jacob B, as well as more on our organisation's work to prevent convicted extremist Anjem Choudary from re-offending, please see below.

Who are we?

Since its inception, Liberty Defenders - a non-governmental political action group run by veterans, patriotic civil rights activists, former politicians (link to podcast 14/11 podcast), community leaders, independent activists and volunteers from various walks of life who share our vision - has sought to provide a voice for the voiceless, hope for society's most vulnerable and protections for people brave enough to speak out against Establishment tyranny, liberal decay and pathological Far Left hatred of all that is traditional, righteous and decent.

Liberty Defenders fights for the freedom to raise our children as we wish, to live the lives our parents were permitted to - one free from government oppression and the long arm of the thought police. 

We fight for the right to decide whether or not we want our children exposed to dangerous pathogens that wreck the traditional family, shatter male self-esteem, female grace, femininity and happiness, undermine the father and obliterate the building block of British society-the traditional two parent family.

We fight for our right to defend our home, loved ones and property and against government dictating every facet of our lives.

We fight to foster an environment where the rights of the individual are of paramount importance. Where our government accepts that their role is in fact to encourage and protect individual freedom, foster initiative and enterprise and to create an environment where people have the ability to live their lives freely, to work, earn, save, and acquire property - an environment where one's right to life, liberty of the pursuit of happiness - trumps all.

The men and women that serve and volunteer on behalf of Liberty Defenders and Veterans for Freedom are committed to building a fairer freer Britain, where human rights and civil liberties are enjoyed by everyone - not just the elite, those aligned with big government, members of fringe groups and minorities with loud enough voices and deep enough pockets to be heard.

In short, we fight for you!

Please click here for our proposed British Constitution which details the protections we are fighting for. And be sure to BECOME A DEFENDER yourself by joining us in our eternal struggle for liberty. We simply can not do it without support from people like you. In fact without support from our sponsors we simply do not have the funds to keep continue to host our own content and press forward with our efforts. 

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LD Independent activist featured on American FOX NEWS

Featured Defender - Timothy Scott

Who is Timothy Scott? Although Timothy Scott, co-founder and unofficial spokesman of Liberty Defenders, first entered the public eye when he was featured on Fox News and Channel 4, Tim's real work to serve his country, and in his heart, to safeguard the interests of the British people, began years before he burst onto the political scene when he joined the British army.

Tim sat down with former prospective Member of Parliament for UKIP and independent activist, Jack Sen, to discuss his service in the Grenadier Guards and the reasons why he stepped down as leader of PEGIDA and distanced himself from a British right wing scene seemingly more concerned with pushing extremist ideologies, hatred and contradictory liberal values than traditional British ones.

Tim also tells Jack about his battles alongside the Kurds in their eternal struggle against ISIS and Islamic State, and how his subsequent conflict with the mainstream media and the British government and desire to preserve the traditional family led him to Nationalism. How his love for liberty, and most importantly his desire to see the great British people protected from their government by a formal Constitution, as our American brothers are by their Bill of Rights/Constitution, have driven his efforts since his return home.

To learn about Tim's work with Liberty Defenders and why Britain's wayward Right MUST plot a new course to achieve success, please click here to read his riveting story.

Over the forthcoming months the Defenders will be producing films (first film to be released this weekend-Aug 25th), holding meetings and arranging weekend getaways where like-minded men and women can learn how they too can make a difference. Upon joining the Defenders you will have access to our events.

By becoming a member you will also have access to our private events hosted by Tim Scott, have a chance to meet, engage and work with Defender leadership and get involved in the most vibrant patriotic movement in Britain. Patrons will also be invited to our annual training camp and Christmas event. Trust us, you'll not want to miss this. 

Recent Northern social

Three dozen members predominantly from the NW were on hand for our first social

Night out in London

Tim with Mick Anell, our new Director of Community Outreach

Most importantly by becoming  a Defender you are helping us defend our rights during this crucial period in our nation's history! 

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